Broadband Internet

Broadband for home and business

Metro-E or Metro Ethernet is a network that covers a wide metropolitan area and is based on the Ethernet standard commonly used in building networks or a LAN. Because the network is “pure” Ethernet technology end-to-end, it is less expensive than other technologies like MPLS and can be used to deploy services that run in an Ethernet environment like data, voice and video.

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Wireless Microwave Internet

Lighthouse Communications operates a fixed wireless microwave network linked with licensed microwave and fiber optic between its towers. This network allows us to provide a secure and redundant network to our business customers. Unlike all the other phone or internet carriers who rely on the phone company fiber and cable to provide last mile service to customer locations our connection of fixed wireless microwave creates an alternate means of ingress to your facility. We provide a level of redundancy not available through traditional wire line or cable carriers who have a single point of failure on the local exchange network or in the underground facilities that enter your building.

Point to Multipoint Data Networks

We provide governments with high capacity point-to-multipoint solutions that meet today’s demands for high capacity transit for metro wide IP video cameras and data. Municipalities, police, fire and public safety agencies around the world are improving public safety and protecting employees, property and vital assets using our video surveillance solutions.

Point to Point Data Networks

Lighthouse Communications can provide dedicated intranet to company locations throughout the metro area with speeds up to 4.2 Gbps., and combined with our fiber optic resources, we can provide dedicated point-to-point links throughout the U.S. These private networks can be designed so that they are redundant of the traditional carriers that all bring the service through the same ingress to your building and rely on the traditional public telcom networks. At Lighthouse Communications, we can design and implement a network that is truly redundant.

Internet Services

Vocie Over IP

Lighthouse Communications can provide reliable state of the art VoIP service, which guarantees a Quality of Service not present with other stand-alone VoIP providers who use the public internet to deliver the transit for voice calls.

Video Conferencing

Lighthouse Communications provides flexible connectivity options and powerful content sharing gives professionals the ability to communicate over distance easily and securely. Polycom HDX room and personal telepresence solutions include offerings to suit any application and any budget.

IP Video Surveillance

Network video is one of the most useful tools for fighting crime and protecting citizens, acting both to detect and deter. Lighthouse Communications can assist your first responders in creating that secure environment.

Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

We offer dedicated 24-hour connections for business purposes. Each includes static IP addresses and e-mail services.

Cloud Solutions

We offer dedicated 24-hour connections for business purposes. Each includes static IP addresses and e-mail services.

Website Hosting

Lighthouse Communications can provide a wide range of web hosting services. We provide dedicated resources customized to our business and governmental customers’ needs. We can provide basic UNIX, LINIX and Windows hosting environments. Whether it is a dedicated server or shared hosted environment Lighthouse Communications can provide a cost effective business solution for your hosting needs.

Email & Exchange Hosting

Today, email is a necessity of business. 100% uptime of email is a requirement. Lighthouse Communications has been providing robust managed and hosted email service to our business and government customers since 1997.

Many companies are finding that hosted Exchange can not only help lower deployment costs, but can eliminate the costly support staff that come with an in-house exchange server. Lighthouse Communications can provide a hosted solution customized to your needs. We are not just like the cookie cutter operations that provide discounted exchange mail boxes with off-shore or email only support.

Voice Hosting

With a cost-effective Cisco™ hosted PBX solution, you can run your business more productively and efficiently without the worries and costs of maintaining your own phone system. The actual system is hosted on our own secure and fully redundant network; we take care of the technical side. This leaves you free to focus on your growth and profitability as a business.

Computer & Network Services

Network Security & Consultance

With today’s ever tightening budgets why not use Lighthouse Communications to leverage your IT expenditures? In today's economy, maintaining a full IT staff can be expensive. Lighthouse Communications's experienced, certified and fully trained professionals can assist you in designing, building, upgrading or maintaining your network. Whether that network is a wired network or a wireless network, we are here to help.

Disaster Recovery

Lighthouse Communications can provide an affordable solution to back up all your local servers and offer off-site data replication. Our solution will prevent a catastrophic event from ceasing the operation of your business and keep you up and running. We offer a broad array of solutions from remote location data storage to very complex mirrored redundancy.